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Tai Local Government Area situated at the South East Senatorial Zone of Nigeria is made up of 10 geopolitical wards and over 32 communities, the main class of individuals are low income and middle income earners with few high class earners who do not reside in the Local Government. The main occupation in Tai L is Farming, Fishing and Small and Medium scale businesses.

There are 15 health facilities in the LGA, 45 schools which include public and private schools and over 350 churches. Tai LGA does not have any secondary or tertiary health care facility neither does it have a tertiary institution for education but places of interest in Tai include the Songhai farms owned by the Rivers State Government, the Police Training College and NYSC orientation camp located in Nonwa amongst others.

Tai Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the 23 LGAs in Rivers State. It is situated in the South East Senatorial Zone in Nigeria. It comprises of 10 geopolitical wards, 32 autonomous communities and 97 settlements.  The headquarters of the LGA is at Saakpenwa Tai in ward one.

Tai Local Government Area is bounded by the following LGAs;

Eleme LGA on the South

Khana LGA on the North

Ogu- Bolo and Gokana LGAs on the East

Oyigbo LGA on the West

Tai LGA is made up of 10 geopolitical wards which comprise over 32 communities and 97 settlements.

The populace of Tai LGA (both indigenes and non-indigenes) are mostly Christians although Muslims and traditionalist are scattered round the LGA especially in Ward 7 (Nonwa) and Ward 2 (Kpite).

The main occupation in the LGA is Farming, fishing and Small and Medium Scale enterprises.

Majority of Tai population are lower and middle income class, there are also the upper class most of which do not live in the rural area.

The major source of water supply is from public and private borehole facilities, some persons still get water from the streams awhile others use rain water.

Electricity supply in Tai LGA is erratic and is being paid by the Local Government council for the populace of the region.

Ward 10 remains the most difficult area to reach in the LGA because it is in the interiors and the terrain is challenging.

Dr. Kina Christian

Dr Babep Chiney Irene
MoH, Tai LGA

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