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The Department of Pharmaceutical Services is charged with the responsibility of advising the Board on matters relating to drugs and consumables, selecting, procuring, storing and distributing same. The department has supervisory role over standard of pharmaceutical care in the Health Centres.

The Department is headed by a director who is a pharmacist to be assisted by a deputy director also a pharmacist and two other units to be headed by senior or principal pharmacists.


The department has the following responsibilities

  1. Establish a drug revolving scheme and supervise same in the Health Centres.
  2. Ensure that Pharmacy Technicians pay drug money into the facilities Revenue Account.
  3. Make sure the Health Centres have adequate supply of drugs which are effective, affordable, safe and of good quality.
  4. Improve the quality of health care through the concept of rational use of drugs.
  5. Organize seminars and workshops for health providers as it relates to drug and its use.
  6. Ensure that Drug Stores are set up at the LGAs
  7. Facilitate the computerization of the Pharmacies in the Health Centres which will be linked to the headquarters for effective inventory control.
  8. Facilitate the production of Standard Treatment guidelines and a Formulary for the Health Centres using the Essential Drug List.
  9. Develop in-service training programme to address on- the job challenges.
  1. Drug List for Health Centres using the Essential Drug List as guide shall be published in conjunction with doctors and reviewed regularly. Drug supply shall be restricted to the number on the list to make it easier to supply to the Health Centres. Drugs shall be on this list using International Non-Proprietary Names or Generic Names.
  2. Supervise the following process in order to have a well-organized drug supply system
    • Selection process
    • Procurement process
    • Storage and distribution system
  3. Drug utilization surveillance shall be regularly done to ensure that stores are adequately but not over-stocked to avoid wastage due to expiry. Stock of unavoidable expired or deteriorated drug shall be recorded and kept separately and officially destroyed within 6months.
  1. A Drug Revolving Scheme with cost recovery mechanisms shall be established for the Health Centres. This will ensure uninterrupted availability of essential drugs at the Centres no matter how remote. A Drug Account shall be kept and monitored for all the Health Centres and mark up properly stated. Pharmacy Technicians would be signatories to the Expenditure Account of the Facilities.
  2. Inventories of drugs shall be established and maintained and records regarding the receipt and distribution kept

This unit shall be responsible for the following

  1. Staff location and supervision
  2. Keep custody of official and reference books
  3. Keep adequate records of the department
  4. Keep statistical data from the field
  5. Maintain equipment and materials of the department
  6. Organize in-house trainings
  7. Keep record of disease pattern as well as consumption pattern