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Oyigbo LGA

  • The administrative headquarters of Oyigbo LGA is at AFAM-OKOLOMA NDOKI. Boarded by Imo River on the West, (Okwali community in Khana LGA by the East, on the North by Umuwali community Etche LGA, and on the south by Iriebe in Obio/Akpor.
  • Oyigbo LGA has a total projected population of 160,311, with ten (10) political wards.
  • The LGA is purely upland with about 90% rural and 10% urban in setting.
  • The main occupations of the people are Farming, Petty trading, and Public service.
  • The LGA consist mainly of two (2) tribes – Ndoki with  Ndoki dialect, and Asa, with Asa dialect.
  • The LGA is blessed with the national grid by the presence of Power Holding Company located in Afam, and many oil wells. Major source of drinking water is from private/ public borehole
Dr. Kina Christian

Dr Koko Loliya
MoH, Oyigbo LGA

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