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Ogu-Bolo LGA

Ogu-Bolo is one of the 23 LGAs in Rivers State located in a very serene coastline of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria .Created out of the old Okrika LGA, it is made up of 12 political wards with Ogu Town as the headquarters.

Like many other communities in Rivers state, it is host to various multinational companies and the presence of these companies has greatly influenced the life style of the inhabitants of the LGA. This is reflected in the disease pattern and trends.

The fact that it is rural and mainly riverine naturally endows it with the health characteristics of most rural communities in River state in particular and Nigeria in general.

The priority health problems include but not limited to hypertension, gastroenteritis, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, and upper respiratory tract infection. Others include the perennial environmental pollution and degradation from the activities of multinational companies and the flooding of most of the communities in the LGA. These, undoubtedly are a major contributing factors to the outcome of health events in the LGA.

Dr. Kina Christian

MoH, Ogu-Bolo LGA


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