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The Medical Services Department  is primarily concerned with Supportive Supervision; ensuring that healthcare services in the PHCs are delivered at an optimum, manpower trainings/ location,  and co-ordination of NGO activities in the PHCs. The department discharges its duties through the following units:

This unit supervises all health activities in the 385 Primary Health Centres (Model and Old facilities Primary Health centres) in the state, monitors’ staff location, attendance and their effectiveness. And also determines availability and status of basic equipment in the facilities while requesting that these are fixed or upgraded as necessary.

These functions are achieved through monitoring of activities of the LGA Primary Health Care Authorities and review of reports on supervisory visits carried out by the field team of the department. On-the-spot visits to facilities are carried out as the need arises.

This unit is in charge of clinical development /planning, formulation of Policies that can promote delivery of standard Primary care and interfacing with NGOs.

This unit is primarily concerned with posting of nurses and their professional capacity development.

This unit supervises all nursing clinical activities in the Primary Health Centres (PHCs). Visits to the facilities are carried out three (3) times in a week. Reports from visits are reviewed during the departmental review meetings. The head of unit also liaises with the National co-ordinator of the Midwives Services Scheme to enhance the smooth running of the scheme in the state.

This unit co-ordinates all Supportive Supervision visits to the PHCs. This is achieved using the Comprehensive Checklist provided by the management of the Board. The aim of these visits is to identify problems in the facilities and proffer solutions, giving timelines and recommendations on how to handle them.