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Khana LGA

  • Khana LGA is one of the largest of the 23 LGAs in Rivers State.
  • It has 19 political wards with Head Quarters at Bori
  • No of settlements 190
  • Total populations 384,444
  • The boundaries as follows:

East        –  Oyigbo  LGA

West     –  Andoni and Gokana

South –  Opobo / Nkoro, Andoni and Akwa Ibom State.

North    –  Gokana and Tai LGAs

  • The people are predominantly farmers, petty traders, fishermen.
  • Khana is the native language of the people.
  • There are 30 Health Centres, Model – 11 out of which Kaani Babbe is not functioning due to problem between the contractor and the Community.
  • There are 2 General Hospitals located at Bori and Taabaa and 1 Cottage Hospital at Kono
  • There is only one tertiary institution Rivers State Polytechnic Bori
  • LGA is rural
Dr. Kina Christian

Dr. Christian Kina
MoH, Khana LGA


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