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Etche LGA

Etche is a populous LGA (315,255) with a very vast landmass. It has 3 Secondary health facilities, 2 Model functional PHCs, 2 model PHCs at different stages of completion and equipment, 11 PHCs and 19 Health posts that reports on immunization and other primary health care services. In Etche LGA, most health facilities are dilapidated while some are in different state of disrepair. This situation calls for urgent attention of both Local and State Government to fix the situation. There is a great drawback in the quality of cold chain maintenance due to lack of National Grid in many parts of the LGA especially Ozuzu and Mba health districts.

Health Facilities are experiencing lack of trained health staff as staff who had gone on retirement from service or transfers were not replaced either by employment or reposting. Severe staff attrition is currently seen in Etche LGA and this no doubt adversely affected quality of immunization and other PHC Services/activities in Etche LGA.

Malaria and HIV/AIDS diseases still remained the biggest challenge in the Etche LGA. At of 2014 the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Etche LGA was put at 7 percent; still very high compared to some other LGAs in the state. There was serious poor community awareness and participation in health matters and programmes in previous years but these have been drastically tackled through aggressive social mobilization, dialogue meetings, advocacy visits and sensitization meetings in 2014 in most communities, churches, schools and market places.

Dr. John Doe

MoH, Etche LGA


Primary Health Care (PHC) is usually the first point of contact people have with the health care system. It provides comprehensive, accessible, community-based care that meets the health needs of individuals throughout their life.

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