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Asari Toru LGA

Asari Toru Local Government Area is one of the three L.G.As in Kalabari Kingdom. The headquarters is in Buguma City, which also Double as the capital City of the Kalabari Kingdom. It belongs in the Rivers-West Senatorial District and has an estimated populations of 278, 138 from 13 wards and 186 settlements. Being largely a riverine community, the traditional occupation of her inhabitant is fishing.

However, a good number of her indigenous people are well educated professionals working the big cities of Nigeria and abroad. Several petroleum and allied companies also operate in this oil- rich region especially along creaks and wasted waterways. Asalgans are friendly people with a rich cultural heritage and visitors to Asalga feel very much at home. The burden of healthcare is proven to be greater in the regions that have challenges of terrain such as the creeks of Asari-Toru which are difficult and expensive to navigate whilst providing favourable breeding sites for many disease vectors. To carry the bulk of the burden are 13 health centre and I general hospital. The Asari-Toru primary healthcare Authority (Asalga PHCA) which was inaugurated on the 10th of May, 2012 is a 12-member authority saddled with the task of primary healthcare administration at the L.G.A. level.

Dr. Ikpoku SA

Dr. Ikpoku SA
MoH, Asari Toru LGA


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