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The department of Administration is the fulcrum of the RSPHCMB. It handles all human capacity and staff welfare matters.

Responsibilities of the Department

  • To maintain and update personnel Record of all Primary Health Care (PHC) employees in the state.
  • To maintain comprehensive data base of all grades of PHC Workers.
  • To co-ordinate inter-service transfers of PHC employees.
  • To oversee staff welfare matters including health, housing and transport.
  • To compile for gazette publications of establishment matters, staff movements including new appointment, promotions discipline and retirements/dismissal of all PHC staff of Grade Level (GL) 07 and above.
  • To ensure human resources for health planning and development.
  • To supervise LGA Primary Health Authority as it relates to promotion and discipline of officers from GL 01-06.



  • Receive mails/scrutinize/classify/file correctly.
  • Despatch mails.
  • Check unfiled correspondence and investigate delays in filing.
  • Maintain register of incoming correspondence.
  • Maintain data base of all staff.
  • Provide secretarial duties.
  • Maintain classified records of the Board.
  • Maintain files.
  • Maintain personnel record
  • Prepare/update Nominal Roll of all PHC Staff.

Personnel Matter

  • Identify staff needs (Appointment).
  • Handle all recruitment, conversions and upgrading matters.
  • Determine/compile/co-ordinate staff promotion matters.
  • Handle retirement and Pensions matter.
  • Carryout staff auditing.
  • Co-ordinate staff confirmation of appointment matters.

Staff Movements

  • Handle all staff transfers and secondment matters
  • Handle all staff postings
  • Handle all leave matters of staff.

Staff Training/Development

  • Handle all applications for study leave and sponsorship.
  • Liaise with Establishment and other bodies in staff study leave matters.
  • Co-ordinate workshops, seminars, conferences of staff.


  • Co-ordinate transportation means and drivers.
  • Supervise cleaning activities and cleaners.
  • Maintain effective store for supplies of stationaries and other necessaries.
  • Organize awards, ceremonies and other staff incentive meetings.
  • Coordinate health insurance matters.
  • Co-ordinate staff travels and tours.

Public Relations

  • Handle all advertisements, announcements and other publicity matters of the Board.
  • Co-ordinate all publications by the Board.
  • Handle all press matters.
  • Provide protocol services.

Legal Unit

  • Reading legal advice on various matters.
  • Handle legislative draftings where necessary.
  • Handle litigations where necessary.
  • Carry out investigations.
  • Liaise with management to handle disciplinary cases.